Facility overview
Name Nagoya City Daini Crematorium
Address 123, Higashichaya 3-chome, Minato-ku, Nagoya City
Construction Period Started in 2012
Completed in 2014 Services will start on July 13, 2015
Total Construction Cost Approximately JPY 17,200,000,000 (Maintenance cost of approximately 11,100,000,000 and land acquisition cost of 6,100,000,000)
Building Structure Two-story building constructed with reinforced concrete (partially constructed with steel-reinforced concrete and steel frame)
Site area 50,964.69㎡
Building area 10,483.82㎡
Total floor area 14,993.30㎡
About Facility Farewell rooms (leave-taking and ash collection): 30
Parking spaces: 180
Resting rooms: 30
Cremator furnaces: 30
(Large-size cremator furnaces: 2)

Tsunami evacuation building
※The Taiyo Kintetsu Group manages and operates Nagoya City Daini Crematorium as designated manager.
 Contact: Taiyo Kintetsu Group Tel. 052-303-0606 Fax. 052-304-8875
Facility map
Facility map
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